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Magnetic Car Door Protector x 10

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Welcome to the Ultimate car door protection device

We are delighted to offer this fantastic Magnetic Car Door Protector from an innovative UK company.

I had been searching for a quality Car Door Protector that will protect my car doors from inconsiderate people for a long time. I, possibly like you, would rather not have unsightly and awkward devices, or stick on pieces of plastic on my vehicle, nor I do not want dents, chips and scratches on my paintwork either.

Now you can reduce neighbouring car door impact whilst being parked in a public car park, airport short and long stay car parks, supermarket or retail parks thanks to this carefully crafted vehicle door protection product.

This highly efficient and effective Magnetic Car Door Protector is uniquely designed to be conveniently rolled up and stored away in the car door storage pocket or glove compartment.

This amazing innovative product is constructed from moulded silicone, two strong rare earth magnets, and a central spring-steel plate, the quality, strength and rigidity of this protector is unrivaled.

  • Durable and Secure: Only high-quality materials are used to ensure the protector stays attached to your car in all weather conditions and keeps your door protected against any potential damage from other cars.
  • Roll Up for Easy Storage: This unique roll-up design enables it to be stored in your glove box or other in-car compartments for easy access.
  • Anti-Theft Technology: Strong PVC coated steel cable and a silicone moulded magnet is used to keep the protector safe. Just place the magnet on the inside of your door and shut it inside to ensure it cannot be taken.


  • Peace of mind when parking in congested and "snug"areas
  • Cost effective against repairs  
  • Superior by design against other leading products
  • Stress free parking whilst shopping
  • Conveniently stowed in your car door storage pocket
  • Use in any weather condition
  • Robust, durable and will last for many years to come
  • Includes a Pvc coated flexible steel Anti-Theft cable as standard


  • 10 x Right Hand Car Door Protector
  • 10 x Left Hand Car Door Protector
  • Including Pvc coated Anti-theft attachment
  • Dimensions: 85cm (33.5 inches) long x 4.5cm (1.75 inches) wide

Designed in the UK.

Please note that protectors may be supplied with or without a logo depending upon stocks. Logos may also vary.


Shipping times will vary but are usually between 5 and 7 working days

N.B. For use when the vehicle is parked. Do not leave attached to a moving vehicle.