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Our Photographers

Alex Barr

Our son. Born in 2004 and now a keen photographer. His current camera is a Canon EOS 700 D and has owned this for around two years. Alex has a passion for the outdoor life and regularly camps out with his friends. He enjoys taking varied shots on the spur of the moment but has a particular preference for night photography.

Phil Stokes

A most entertaining and fun friend and colleague who enjoys his Harley-Davidson, Scooters and Betty the Westie, his lovable pooch.

John Mannick

John is a keen photographer from Darlington, North East, UK.

John uses a Canon 1300D body and lense options: Cannon 17-55mm F2.8 IS USM; Canon 55-250mm IS STM; Canon 55mm 1.8.

He has a passion for all photography genres but his love of wildlife and North East landscapes are his main subjects. He is always looking for great shots to capture, be it in the small details of an old building or a huge landscape.

His passion for photography started out by photographing his children's football teams and it snowballed from there. He is now studying for a BA (Cons) Commercial Photography degree at the Northern School of Art, which is the next step of his photography journey. We are proud to have John join us and display his outstanding works on our website.

Michelle Rideout

Michelle has only been taking photographs for the past 5 years after getting her first DSLR for a well earned holiday. Michelle likes to take photo's of almost anything but would say motorsports, equestrian and planes are her favourite subjects followed by nature whether it be animals, birds or scenery. Michelle has been lucky to have some photographs published in newspapers, sports programmes and various web pages. She still gets a thrill every time she sees one of her pictures being used.

Michelle currently uses a Nikon D5300 with lens varying from Nikon 35mm/F 1.8 AF S G through to other AF-p and AF-s lenses. To hone her skills further she is currently undertaking an advanced course in photography.