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About Us

Welcome to our store.

So why did I start this business ?

As a dad I have grown concerned with the opportunities available to young people in their working and social life. My son (Alex) has demonstrated from a young age that the "office" or "factory" environment that my generation grew up in was not for him. Therefore a business that could offer him an income, doing what he enjoys and excels at, whilst enabling him to work in a flexible, mobile manner would be a great legacy to leave.

We are therefore a family run business seeking to supply great quality products at reasonable prices, that enhance your decor, become a feature for your room, bring pleasure to your eyes, perhaps impart a positive message, simplify tasks, enhance your life, encourage outdoor pursuits and exploration, are environmentally friendly, reduce strain on the worlds resources and solve problems that have been bugging you.

We have three primary purposes:

1. Firstly to enable you to enjoy the images our friends, fellow photographers and ourselves have photographed on our travels through the supply of stunning canvas wall art, prints and other manufactured goods produced exclusively in the UK. Meet the expanding team in Our Photographers page.

2. Secondly to seek, develop and provide unique UK designed and produced products that solve problems and save our customers time, money, stress and inconvenience. 

3. Thirdly to support selected good causes. A proportion of our profits will be donated to these causes. One of our favourites is Chestnut Tree House children's hospice. We encourage you to visit their website at to see and appreciate what they do and the fantastic support they provide to children and their families.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our store, particularly if you place an order or two. Please share our website with your friends and family and give us feedback and new ideas on the things you like and are seeking.

We wish you well. Have a lovely day.